August 24, 2010

Getting Back Into It

Well hello again to the blog world. I've been gone for a really long time from my blog and you'll have to forgive me for I have had so many things going on. It's been a really hectic couple years since I've last written anything on here.

I moved from Sydney to Brisbane. I've been working and going to school all at the same time, let alone got married and a baby underway. I know crazy right, I was the one asking "why I should get married?" and "what's so cute about babies?". Well I'll soon get to experience it on my own.

Life in Brisbane is such a blur. It's not the same experience as it was when I was living in Sydney. It's a different kind of atmosphere. Sydney has the culture, the attractions and the vast majority of people. Brisbane on the other hand has culture but its more of a laid back kinda atmosphere. Attractions here are far and wide, you have to travel to the Gold Coast or the Sunshine Coast to basically see anything that is remotely amusing. But I have to give it to living here in Brisbane though, the weather is great year round. It's warm even in the winter, and during the summer you get a massive tan (I've gone black and had this tan for over a year now).

I've found my husband here. Family I never knew I had is here. It's been a whirl wind of a year, I'm still trying to wrap my head around everything. Brisbane has been good to me in ways that I never knew and yet in a way it has been cruel to me as well. When I'm in Brisbane I think of the days of being in Sydney...basically my single life. Sydney was the last stop in my single life and boy what a fun ride that was. I partied til the wee hours, I didn't have to think of anyone but myself, I had fun meeting new people and exploring the city...most of all I was carefree.

My experience in Queensland had me go up the Queensland coast and seen some amazing things. I experienced all this with my husband, the person who took me out to see these amazing places. There has been a year and a half of me discovering Queensland and along the way I kind of discovered myself.


September 12, 2008

In Remembrance of 9/11

As an American, I can still remember the day that everyone will have in their memories for their whole life...September 11th, 2001. I was a freshman at Eastern Connecticut State University and it was only 2 1/2 weeks since I started school. On 9/11 I was in my communications lecture waiting for the professor when he came in and asked the students if they've seen or heard the news yet. We looked at each other dumbfounded because he had no idea what he was talking about. Then he gave us the news, I can still remember it so vividly, he said "There were planes crashing into the Twin Towers. Go home call your loved ones make sure they're alright and stay tuned to the news for anything else just in case." We left our lecture in horror of what was happening around us. We could literally see the smoke in the sky from the crashes. The tri-state was in lock down, no one could go in or out of the States around New York. Our cell phone receptions were limited, and when we could get service the servers were busy due to all the panic calls I suppose. Those images of the Towers burning seen all around the world will be forever etched into my mind, it's an image that you can't really forget.

I remember trying to comfort my roommate because she's from Long Island and her father works in the city. It took her hours to get in touch with her family, believing her father was in the city on that day but from some miracle he wasn't there. I remember the look on her face when she received that news, relief, but she was scared for all her friends as well that live in the city. That day will always be burned into my memory and as times goes it doesn't fade when something so horrific, so inhumane, so catastrophic happens. It shook our nation to it's core.

As another anniversary of September 11th passes, I reflect on this date every year. I can't imagine all those people who have lost a loved one in the Towers. My heart goes out to them as they have to relive this date over each year and have to face life knowing how their loved one died, in a senseless act of terrorism. It's hard to express the gratitude for all those who helped in trying to save lives within the Towers and those who died trying to save lives. Those are the heart and soul of a nation, those willing to help when there are enormous risks for themselves but do it to help bring someone home to their families. Those heroes of 9/11 will also be remembered for their bravery, and courageous effort.

Our nation has progressed forward with the grief since that sad day. We have risen together as a nation. I know that when I go back to the States that I will make a visit to the monument in dedication of all those who's lost their lives. I'll pay my respects even though I didn't lose anyone on that day, I'll do it as an American who will remember that day for as long as she lives.


July 26, 2008

Aussie Treat: Pavlova Cake

Normally I don't have a sweet tooth and so I don't eat sweets all that much. I will crave it from time to time but rarely do you see me eating anything too sweet. I can't have any chocolates nowadays for some reason I can't have it. Well when I went to this Patesserie with a friend of mine to buy him some sweets there was this delightfully colorful cake that was displayed. I was intrigued.

When I asked the woman behind the counter what kind of cake it was she told me it was a Pavlova cake named after a famous ballet dancer, Anna Pavlova that toured here in Australia and in her honor this cake was made for her (New Zealand says that they made the cake first and it originated there so there's conflict in that part between the two countries). It's a meringue on the outside and fluffy white cake on the inside topped off with fresh fruits. It looked delish so I bought a piece and boy was my tastebuds in for a treat. It was so fluffy, light and not too sweet that normally would make me spit it out. I was hooked, I had 3 pieces of cake and bought a whole cake to go home with like a fatass I am.

But here is a recipe for the Pavlova Cake:


3 egg whites
1 g salt
200 g white sugar
8 g cornstarch
5 ml lemon juice
295 ml heavy whipping cream
60 g confectioners' sugar
355 g fresh strawberries

1. Preheat oven to 300 degrees F (150 degrees C). Line a sheet pan with parchment paper. Draw a 9 inch circle on the parchment. An easy way to do this is to draw around the outside of a 9 inch pan with a pencil.

2. In a large bowl, beat egg whites on high speed until soft peaks form. Add 3/4 cup of the sugar gradually, while continuing to whip. Make sure sugar is completely dissolved. Mix together the remaining 1/4 cup sugar with the cornstarch; lightly fold into meringue with lemon juice.

3. Spread a layer of meringue to fit circle on parchment, approximately 1/4 inch thick. With remainder of mixture, pipe or spoon swirls around the edges to form a shallow bowl shape.

4. Bake at 300 degrees F (150 degrees C) for 1 hour. Turn off oven, but leave meringue in oven for an additional 30 minutes. When cool, the meringue should be hard on the outside, and slightly moist on the inside.

5. In a large bowl, combine the cream and half a cup of confectioners sugar, and whip until thickened. Decorate with fruit of your choice; strawberries are excellent.

Photo Credits and Recipe:


What are you?

As an American living in Australia is a little different. Let me explain...My looks are distinctly of Asian features. My speech is American as well as my mannerisms and such. You can say I'm more Westernized but can speak fluently my native language as well as other languages. Here in Sydney it's a diverse place where there's definitely different cultures mixing but one thing that still gets on my nerves. Why do people think I can't speak English???

I've had this happen to me a couple of times by some locals and some foreigners as well. My school is mainly of International students coming from China, India, Malaysia, etc. as well as Aussie students but seems like I'm the only American. With my looks people categorize me as Chinese automatically of course and think my English is either poor to none. Ah still getting on my nerves!!!

I have this one Indian guy come up to me and ask a question about directions. Well since I'm not a local the look on my face is a little confused because 1.) I'm not great with directions 2.) I don't really know where everything is at and 3.) I had a hard time trying to interpret what he was saying with his heavy accent. Well I guess the confused look on my face said it all because he just turned to his friend and said "Oh she's Chinese she doesn't understand what I'm saying".

Ha! their surprise this "Chinese girl" speaks and understands perfect English. I tell them "Excuse me but I'm American and I understand English just not with the accent that you have so it's not like you're easy to understand thanks."

Wow the "Chinese girl" has an American accent and isn't completely dumb. Gosh these people just assume one thing and are in for a heavy surprise. Has this happened to anyone else or is it just me?? Or are these type of people just plain old ignorant??


July 9, 2008

No Comment

I've just noticed something after my last post. What did I notice?? Well it seems like my counter is gradually going up each day but I don't get any response or feedback. NOTHING!!!

It's not like I expect for everyone that comes on here to leave a comment or anything but some people come more than a couple of times and still nada aside from Jake Tornado who is a gentleman and a couple of people here and there. Alright so I don't post everyday or granted every week but I post when I can. I was slacking for the last couple of months but people forgive me. I'm back now and not travelling til the end of Oct. and plus I can't blog every day that'll be like worthless cause I'm all not that interesting. It's just kinda common courtesy you know to say "hi" or "how's it going".


Speak Chinese

I have a couple of new flatmates now. I thought it would be alright since we're all girls and we're Asian right. Well boy was I WRONG!!!! Don't get me wrong I have no problems with having flatmates and I really can get along with people quite fine.

Here's my problem though...they don't speak English in the house to each other. They speak Chinese all the time. When I mean all the time, it's constantly, all I hear in the house is Chinese all day long. Now I wouldn't have a problem with them speaking their native language because I speak to my family in my native language also, but when I speak to them it's in ENGLISH. They sometimes respond or speak to me in Chinese and expecting me to understand. Yeah the American accent gives it away that I speak and understand fluent Chinese.

I sometimes think that they're secretly talking about me behind my back...well not so much behind my back as to in front of me and me not knowing what the hell is being said. I want to just shout at them "Hey I'm not Chinese so please speak English"!!! Gosh I speak 4 languages and I can't pick up Chinese in 2 weeks now. A little English does help me understand or not even English just use hand signals if need be.

Do anyone know any kind of Chinese to prepare me??? I want to be able to pick up little bits...a word here or there...just to see if my flatmates are talking about me or not. If they are give me some phrases or words in Chinese so that I can retaliate...HA!!!


Great Shop Name

I was walking down Oxford St. today and found the best shop name so far. It is quite unique and funny also. What's it called? Well...drumroll please...LICK-HER SHOP.

Do you get it?? It's quite an eye catching name since I had to do a double take lol.